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Masterclass med Saki Santorelli

3. november 2022

1350 kr.

Kognitiv Center København har den glæde at kunne invitere til en hel dag om INQUIRY med Saki Santorelli.

Standing in Open Space:

Dialogue and Inquiry in MBSR and Other Mindfulness-Based Programs

DIALOGUE AND INQUIRY IS THE COMMUNAL, heart-throbbingly beautiful conversation that is the heart and soul of MBSR and, by extension, all authentic mindfulness-based programs (MBPs).  Grounded in relationship and oriented toward the love of truth, this intimate, ongoing interchange with program participants is deeply human, self-revealing, and ennobling.

Identified as central to the development of mindfulness-based teachers, these conversations are often reported to be a major source of teacher apprehension and uneasiness.  This is not surprising.  Such spontaneous interchanges compel us to step away from the shelter and security of course curriculum and structure and willingly risk: being present, entering unfamiliar territory, trusting in not knowing, meeting each person freshly.  A gesture of humility, bravery, and love, standing in such open space is not easy.  And yet, this is just what’s required when we are called to escort others on their inward journey.

As a way of taking our seats, working with fear, and inhabiting these conversations more whole-heartedly, our day will be oriented around the experiential practice of dialogue and inquiry.

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3. november 2022
1350 kr.
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